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The Record Precision Watch company was formed in the early 1900s, and was purchased by Longines in the early 1960s. In between, their specialty seems to have been the guaranteeing of proper interchangeable replacement parts (Precision...), and also producing lovely and rather complicated watches such as this Datoflex:

When the British Ministry of Defense solicited proposals for rugged and accurate military watches in the late 1940s, Record was among 12 companies which submitted complying designs for the WWWs (watch(es), wristlet, waterproof). As part of this process, their standard caliber 022-18 (shown at right) was substantially upgraded. The proprietary 15 jewel Cal. 022-K provides a Breguet-curved hairspring, screwed alloy rather than steel balance, and the bridge supporting the wheel train has been split into three elegant cocks, making this the most elaborate and probably the finest simple movement Record ever manufactured.

The alloy case has a screwed-in stainless steel back, and is 36mm diameter exclusive of crown, and 11mm thick. The entire case is very nicely brushed, especially the raised bezel which sports an elegant circular treatment. Both watches with factory and those with MOD replacement dials (such as mine) feature the appropriate WWW design, full upright Arabic numerals, small seconds at 6 o'clock and luminous hands and indicies. The Record is an interesting historical timepiece, an exceptionally well-executed product of a fine traditional watch manufacture, fully worthy of its more famous peers, while its relatively large width and attractive case make this an especially nice choice for daily wear.

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As appropriate to a watch of this purpose, the movement finishing, while excellent, is functional rather than decorative. All surfaces are properly smooth or level, and the details are very clean

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August 30, 2005

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